Tuesday, 23 February 2010

More sleep zzzzz...

Our kids need more sleep or so says a new study but let's face it it's not only the rugrats that need more zzz time, but us adults too. Apparently we're all getting one hour less sleep a day, that's a 7 hour deficit by the end of the week and a 48 hours by the end of the month (and I won't even tell you how much that is by the end of the year because it's too depressing by far).

Aside from being a slow form of torture, lack of sleep makes you gain weight (probably because you're having a snack when you should be sleeping), ages you (skin needing down time to rejuvenate) and makes you viciously cranky with loved ones and colleagues. The lazy answer is simple but not so easy - go to bed earlier, don't watch TV in bed and wind down for 20 minutes before bed so you're relaxed enough to sleep.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Ridiculous study alert

Ridiculous study of the day says middle- class mothers have turned the countryside into a no-go zone for their children because they are worried about them getting dirty. Apparently they are scared that day trips into the great outdoors could end with their children getting lost, hurt or muddy.

Mmm.. having a three year old who can find a way to get dirty in her bedroom, lost at the supermarket and hurt just walking across the room, I think this study is a load of old guff. If most mums don't want to go to the countryside it's not because they are worried about their precious darlings but because it's a disaster in the making to bundle kids into the car and take them further than 20 minutes without world war three breaking out in the back.

It's not the great outdoors that worry us but being trapped in traffic with raging under 5's!