Monday, 11 May 2009

The recessionista vibe

Someone I know has decided she is planning a recessionista wedding. Her invites were sent by email. Her wedding dress comes care of a friend who borrowed it from a friend, who restyled it after buying it from a charity shop auction.


Her flowers are cut from her garden. The venue is her parent’s house and the food is being made by all her friends, with the cake being created by her mother-in-law to be.


All well and good except the recessionista vibe hasn’t filtered down to her wedding present list, her hen party, which is in Paris, or the wedding shower (she’s American).


Meaning it’s not much of a money saving event for her guests who so far have had to cough up money for a wedding gift, a shower gift and pay 150 pounds for lunch in Paris.


I’m wondering if the bride can see the irony or if like all those MPs erroneously claiming their expenses she’s pretending she’s done nothing wrong!

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