Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Lazy Girl's View on Pregnancy

Yes I am pregnant, so yes I look like I have gained weight because that's what happens when you are pregnant. And yes, my bump is big because there is an 8 month old baby in there and yes, I get out of breath walking upstairs because my body is working for two. And yes your boobs do grow to larger proportions (yes perhaps bigger than Jordan's) and yes I am bad tempered and not 'glowing' because of all the above and partly because of all the annoying comments people keep saying.

And no, I am not giving birth without pain relief, because it's painful. And no I don't want to change what I am calling my child just because you went to school with an X who was vile and keep thinking of a celebrity with that name. And finally no, I am not making a DVD of the birth because I am pregnant, not insane!

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