Friday, 19 March 2010

Teen Pregnancies

OMG how sick am I of hearing how single teen mums should be vilified by society! If it's not the Tories suggesting these underage girls have committed a criminal offence by getting pregnant (which they haven't by the way as it's not actually breaking any law to get pregnant, the age of consent is about having sex with a minor, not pregnancy)it's the Tories getting their decimal points mixed up in their teen pregnancy statistics.

Now the blog posts at a well known newspaper are suggesting we cut off all benefits to teen mums and let them be homeless with their babies as - 'That will teach them!' Or teach abstinence only in schools because that's worked so well in the States (NOT!).

Here's an idea why don't we all get involved and help improve the way we talk about sex in society and to our kids and teens in general. That way we can give younger people the tools to delay sex until they are ready and make safer decisions around sex when they do decide to go for it?

That's more talk about negotiating relationships, peer pressure, and contraception instead of slapping down those who need our help and making out we're all so much better than them.

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