Thursday, 4 March 2010

Mum's Behaving Badly

I witnessed a good old playground spat this morning on the nursery drop off, not between the 3 and 4 year olds I might add but the mothers!

Fueled by a disagreement over parking -'Why can't I park right in front on the gates and block off the entrance so everyone has to climb over my BMW?' - was the crux of the argument. It spiraled into a spat as the said offender indulged in some vile name calling at the complaining mothers and an eventual descent into racial slurs. All in front of 20 wide eyed children.

Another friend tells me of a mum in her playground who takes it upon herself to be rude to all the other mums as they wait for school to start, 'So why don't you wear make up/get your hair done/dress nicely?' she's been heard to say.

My question is why doesn't anyone challenge these mum-bullies? After all what hope is there for our kids to behave if the mum's won't!


  1. I've seen this firsthand on my parents road. All the Cheshire set mums park on both sides of their road (only a small side road) to drop their kids off and completely block the road so the residents can't get out. They're not there just for a few seconds either, some of them are there for 30 mins or more. They've all got the big jeep vehicles as well, even though they just drive to the shops and back in them.

  2. ahah yes same here! my road is completely blocked off at school pick up time... I mean what's wrong with a little walk???

  3. Yes! We have loads that that over here too. So rude and the kids don't have a chance. And as you say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

    -A Modern Mother